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Department of Literature, History of Ideas, and Religion

at Faculty of Humanities

Department of Literature, History of Ideas, and Religion
PO Box 200
SE405 30 Göteborg
Delivery address: Lundgrensgatan 5, 412 56 Göteborg
Visiting address: Renströmsgatan 6, 412 55 Göteborg

Web Page: www.lir.gu.se
Email: lir@lir.gu.se

Head of Department: Katarina Leppänen

About the unit

The subjects offered by the department – Comparative Literature, Theatre Studies, History of Ideas and Science, Religious Studies and Theology – are united by a common interest in the analysis and interpretation of texts and cultural practices. The study of mankind and of what is human in cultural contexts ranging from literature, philosophy, science, politics and religion, from ancient stone tablets to contemporary digital media, forms the basis of the education and research carried out at the Department.

We offer an array of undergraduate courses, master courses, and postgraduate courses. We also educate future teachers in Religion and Swedish and we offer a Master's programme in Digital Humanities, a Bachelor's programme in Theology and a Master's programme in Theology.

Latest publications

I tystnadens kloak. Arbetarförfattaren som självetnograf i Susanna Alakoskis "April i anhörigsverige"
Åsa Arping
Arbetarförfattaren: Litteratur och liv, red. Margaretha Fahlgren, Per-Olof Mattsson & Anna Williams, Uppsala, Gidlunds, Chapter in book 2020
Chapter in book

ISHASH Member interview: Carolin Kosuch
Carolin Kosuch, Anton Jansson
BLOG: International Society for Historians of Atheism, Secularism, and Humanism, Other 2020


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Name Title Phone Email
Agnesdotter, Carina Senior lecturer, Deputy Head +46 31 7864555 carina.agnesdotter@lir.gu.se
Ahlström, Per Doctoral Student, Comparative literature +46 31 7865798 per.ahlstrom@lir.gu.se
Ahmed, Khaled Doctoral student +46 31 7861564 k.elsamman@lir.gu.se
Alfredsson, Johan Senior lecturer +46 31 7864524 johan.alfredsson@lir.gu.se
Alfredsson, Johan Senior lecturer, Director of Studies +46 31 7864524 johan.alfredsson@lir.gu.se
Alvhage, Camilla Study counsellor +46 31 7864580 camilla.alvhage@lir.gu.se
Andersson, Björn Administrator, Doctoral student, Comparative literature +46 31 7861018 bjorn.andersson@lir.gu.se
Andersson, Daniel Senior lecturer, Religious studies/​History of Religions +46 31 7865309 daniel.andersson@lir.gu.se
Andersson, Johanna PhD Student johanna.andersson@lir.gu.se
Andren, Mats Professor, Professor of ideas and European studies +46 31 7864476 mats.andren@lir.gu.se
Arping, Åsa Professor, Comparative literature +46 31 7864390 asa.arping@lir.gu.se
Azar, Michael Professor, History of Ideas and Science +46 31 7864527 michael.azar@lir.gu.se
Backman, Anna Doctoral student +46 31 7865798 anna.backman@lir.gu.se
Bergenmar, Jenny Senior lecturer, Comparative literature +46 31 7865223 jenny.bergenmar@lir.gu.se
Berntson, Martin Professor +46 31 7864726 martin.berntson@lir.gu.se
Billing, Björn Senior lecturer, History of Ideas and Science +46 31 7864359 bjorn.billing@lir.gu.se
Björck, Henrik Professor, History of Ideas and Science +46 31 7861929 henrik.bjorck@lir.gu.se
Bogdan, Henrik Professor, Religious studies/​History of Religions +46 31 7864557 henrik.bogdan@lir.gu.se
Borg, Susanne Education administrator +46 31 7864561 susanne.borg@gu.se
Borgström, Eva Professor, Comparative literature +46 31 7865277 eva.borgstrom@lir.gu.se
Bourdieu, Annika Administrative manager, Administrativ chef, inst +46 31 7861563 annika.bourdieu@lir.gu.se
Brodén, Daniel Researcher, Film studies daniel.broden@lir.gu.se
Brudin Borg, Camilla Senior lecturer +46 31 7865434 camilla.brudin.borg@lir.gu.se
Bäckelie, Jonatan Doctoral student, Religious studies +46 31 7861559 jonatan.backelie@lir.gu.se
Bäckström, Mattias Part-time Lecturer mattias.backstrom@lir.gu.se
Cavallin, Clemens Senior lecturer, Religious studies/​History of Religions +46 31 7865656 clemens.cavallin@lir.gu.se
Costa, Ettore Postdoctor +46 31 7861950 ettore.costa@lir.gu.se
Duncan, Joel Researcher +46 31 7865807 joel.duncan@gu.se
Ekholm, Christer Senior lecturer, Comparative literature +46 31 7864185 christer.ekholm@lir.gu.se
Ekholm, Christer Senior lecturer, Director of Studies +46 31 7864185 christer.ekholm@lir.gu.se
Enstedt, Daniel Senior lecturer, Deputy Head +46 31 7862091 daniel.enstedt@lir.gu.se
Eriksson, Lottie Doctoral student lottie.eriksson@lir.gu.se
Falk, Hjalmar Researcher hjalmar.falk@gu.se
Fridlund, Mats Researcher mats.fridlund@lir.gu.se
Giubergia, Giulia Doctoral Student, Religious studies +46 31 7861564 giulia.giubergia@lir.gu.se
Grehn, Sandra Doctoral student +46 31 7865798 sandra.grehn@lir.gu.se
Grinell, Klas Researcher +46 31 7865482 klas.grinell@lir.gu.se
Hermansson, Gunilla Professor, Comparative literature +46 31 7864558 gunilla.hermansson@lir.gu.se
Hermansson, Kristina Senior lecturer, Comparative literature +46 31 7862098 kristina.hermansson@lir.gu.se
Ho, Jong Human resources administrator +46 31 7864446 jong.ho@gu.se
Holmberg, Gustav Senior lecturer +46 31 7864416 gustav.holmberg@lir.gu.se
Holmberg, Gustav Senior lecturer, Director of Studies +46 31 7864416 gustav.holmberg@lir.gu.se
Hron, Irina Postdoctor +46 31 7866925 irina.hron@lir.gu.se
Hägerland, Tobias Senior lecturer +46 31 7864384 tobias.hagerland@lir.gu.se
Högberg, Eva Finance administrator +46 31 7861254 eva.hogberg@lir.gu.se
Illsley, William Doctoral student +46 31 7861564 william.illsley@lir.gu.se
Ingvarsson, Jonas Senior lecturer +46 31 7865477 jonas.ingvarsson@lir.gu.se
Janmark, Maria Study counsellor +46 31 7866506 maria.janmark@lir.gu.se
Jansson, Anton Researcher +46 31 7866540 anton.jansson@lir.gu.se
Jansson, Mats Professor, Comparative literature +46 31 7864135 mats.jansson@lir.gu.se

Showing 1 - 50 of 106

Showing 41 - 50 of 3004


Fredrika Bremer, Hertha, eller En själs historia
Åsa Arping, Gunnel Furuland
Stockholm, Svenska Vitterhetssamfundet, Text critical edition 2020
Text critical edition

Nils Olsson
OEI, Magazine article 2020
Magazine article

“Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Anlysing the Reception of and Debate over the Building Block Approach”
Göran Larsson
Building blocks of religion : critical applications and future prospects / edited by Göran Larsson, Jonas Svensson and Andreas Nordin., Sheffield, Equinox Publishing, Chapter in book 2020
Chapter in book

Europe of Nations, Europe Without Nationalism
Mats Andrén
History of European Ideas, Journal article 2020
Journal article

Debatten om Kain - en tidsskildring
Dag Hedman
Lärdare än djävulen och frommare än änglarna : elva röster om Bengt Anderberg / redaktion: Margareta Lundberg Rodin, Ingrid Norrman, Staffan Thorson, Uno Rodin och Hans Helander., Göteborg, Bengt Anderbergs-sällskapet, Chapter in book 2020
Chapter in book

Showing 41 - 50 of 3004

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