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Symposium: Thoreau at 200

"Uses and Abuses of Thoreau at 200": A Symposium hosted by the Department of Literature, History of Ideas, and Religion (LIR), University of Gothenburg, Sweden, on May 3-4, 2018.


Marking Henry David Thoreau’s bicentennial, “Uses and Abuses of Thoreau at 200” seeks to gather a broad roster of scholars to discuss Thoreau’s standing in fields of humanities and social studies. Entering 2017, Western societies have experienced a decided shift in political narratives and electoral outcomes, reflecting newfangled yet widespread scepticism over issues including, but not limited to, global warming, immigration, trade and civil rights. Liberal interpretations of democracy, emphasizing sweeping human rights and multicultural plenums, but also free flows of goods, labor and capital, have increasingly come to be questioned by more protectionist and nativist movements.

Of what relevance can Thoreau’s outlooks on issues environmental, civic and aesthetic, be to the present moment? And conversely, do recent developments within society and academia perhaps call for new understandings of Thoreau? Is Thoreau relevant today?

Below follow a number of suggested topics of discussion and/or session formulation; however, we also welcome independent initiatives.

  • Thoreau’s views of nature
  • Thoreau’s views on politics and economics
  • Thoreau’s aesthetics
  • New source materials & novel comparisons
  • Thoreau and theory


Plenary speakers (confirmed):

  • Prof. Kristen Case, University of Maine, Farmingham
  • Prof. Rochelle Johnson, University of Idaho, Boise

CFP: The Department of Literature, History of Ideas, and Religion at the University of Gothenburg invites abstracts of circa 300 words and a brief CV by October 2, 2017.

Responses will be given within a month.

Welcome! Please send abstracts to: thoreau200@lir.gu.se

Organizing Committee: Henrik Otterberg, Chalmers Science Park; Camilla Brudin Borg, University of Gothenburg; Rikard Wingård, University of Gothenburg; Mats Malm, University of Gothenburg.

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