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Session 11

Nonreligion in a Complex Future

The number of people who identify as having no religious affiliation is increasing across the world. Although the sociological study of nonreligion is growing, we need to know more about the "nones." Some identity as atheist, while others see themselves as agnostic, indifferent, spiritual but not religious or something in between.

How does this heterogeneous group affect society, and how should society accommodate them? Which implications does the growth of the "nones" have for law, health, education, migration, and the environment? These questions are raised in a new international research program, Nonreligion in a Complex Future, directed by Lori Beaman at Ottawa University, and also addressed in this session.

We welcome papers that discuss a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches, and papers based on empirical research. The aim is to contribute to new research on this growing phenomenon.

Contact person: Inger Furseth, inger.furseth@sosgeo.uio.no

Sidansvarig: Elin Widfeldt|Sidan uppdaterades: 2020-01-29

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