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Session 6

Religion and emotions - organizational and communal viewpoints

The current era of authenticity puts extensive emphasis on emotions. Recent research on religion and emotions has focused too exclusively on individuals, and much of sociological research on emotions excludes religion and spirituality altogether. This session focuses on the intricate entanglements of religion and emotions, focusing (but not exclusively) on communities and organizations. The particular interests concerns analyzing the effects of emotions and emotional energy – both positive and negative – on binding and unbinding social relationships in religious organizations and in other religious social interaction.

The intersections of religion and emotions are seen in global political contradictions, in organizational dilemmas in various fronts, as well as in, e.g., political segregation. We welcome papers on every stage of a research process, and papers ranging from conceptual/theoretical to methodological and/or empirical. We particularly welcome presentations exploring the multifaceted dimensions of emotions (e.g., cohesion vs conflict, positive vs negative emotions) and the contagious nature of emotions in religious organizations.

Contact person: Anne Birgitta Pessi, anne.b.pessi@helsinki.fi

Sidansvarig: Elin Widfeldt|Sidan uppdaterades: 2020-01-29

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