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Session 14

Marketization and religious organizations: the Nordic context

An emerging trend in the social scientific study of religion is to consider the multifarious ways in which ongoing processes of marketization are shaping the contemporary religious field and the present-day modus operandi of religious organizations. Supplying a perspective distanced from earlier theoretical perspectives on secularization, Rational Choice and post-secularity, the marketization approach highlights the ever-growing influence of economics and market ideologies on globalizing societies and cultures worldwide.

This session follows and expands on work already initiated on the effects of neoliberalism, market ideologies, and the ethos of consumerism on the contemporary religious organizational field. Focusing on the Nordic context, this session welcomes both empirical and theoretical papers exploring the proliferation of market values, imperatives, and strategies within various types of religious organizations in the Nordic countries, be they institutional or non-institutional, historical or more newly established.

Contact person: Marcus Moberg, marcus.moberg@utu.fi

Sidansvarig: Elin Widfeldt|Sidan uppdaterades: 2020-01-29

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