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Session 19

Lived religion (re)visited: Examples, critique(s), and future horizons

"Lived religion (e.g. Orsi, Hall, Ammerman, McGuire) has become a notable field of academic studies ranging from empirical to historical and cultural studies, including sociology of religion. This sessions seeks to map out the variety of lived religion studies particularly in the Nordic countries. We ask: Where and how does lived religion establish itself in sociological and/or theological academic discussions? How is lived religion used? And what is it – a theory, method, or even medium or content in practicing religion?

Lived religion has also been criticized and questioned. Some points made include the lack of focus on institutional religiosity (Ammerman 2016) or the unpolitical nature of lived religion (Repstad 2019), whereas our own critiques focus on some cultural and theological dimensions. We aspire for more nuanced and in-depth discussion of lived religion; thus, we look forward to papers covering both study examples as well as more theoretical papers.

Contact: Riikka Myllys, riikka.myllys@helsinki.fi

Sidansvarig: Elin Widfeldt|Sidan uppdaterades: 2020-01-29

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